A Heart-Based LifeStyle Planner.

Featuring therapeutic coloring and collage pages, financial planner pages, weekly and monthly spreads, and much more. Rhonda Zarate’s Find Your Happy Planner is a workbook perfect for anyone who is looking to live their best life by discovering and living what truly makes their Heart Happy.



"I absolutely love this planner! It is so inspiring and life changing. From beginning to end it completely organizes your life and reminds you of the things you truly love and what makes you happy." - Samantha S.

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Find Your Happy Planner helps you dig deep into your honest self by asking important questions that will help you uncover your true desires and forgotten dreams. After looking within and answering life’s big questions, you will be able to use the many features of the planner to carry out your heart’s path while living your best life!

  • Create a fabulous, kick butt authentic life with the flexibility of an undated planner.

  • Organize your personal, social and financial affairs all in one easy place.

  • Track daily, weekly and monthly progress of your goals.

  • Move forward into your best, most beautiful life and leave your past in your rear view mirror.

  • Be challenged on your life path.

  • Believe in the power of gratitude, play and education.

  • Manifest your heart’s true desires through action steps and positive thoughts.

  • Wake up your soul and find out what you really want in your life.




Say "YES!" to changing your life. Get your Find Your Happy Planner here.