Kindness Is So Rewarding

Did you wake up this morning feeling a little bit blue? Thinking, “What am I going to do today to pass the time away?” Well, let me tell you friend, I have a sure way to wash those blues away. It’s called volunteering! I believe that it is the cheapest therapy out there; a lot better than the thousands of self-help books that are lined on our shelves.

Last week, a friend and I volunteered at the local university. We had the pleasure of teaching the students English for the day – how fun! We helped them to practice developing the English skills they had been mastering. It was a joyous experience had by all. I think we had more fun than the students, seeing their delightful shining faces, so full of wonder and such eagerness to improve yet shy to ask questions and timid to voice their newfound English language. For some of the students it was their first time meeting an American or a Canadian – a new experience for them and us too.

Volunteering fills your heart up with a particular kind of joy that only giving from the heart can achieve. You might be thinking what can I do, where would I go or even, where I would start? Perhaps you think I have such little time or I am shy to put myself out there or to make a solid commitment.

Not to worry, your options are endless. I stumble with those thoughts also. You just have to get creative with your thinking. I have a friend Paul, who volunteers to walk dogs. Him and a couple friends have a good chat, get some exercise and make some dogs very happy campers.

Another idea could be to gather your tribe together and make this a group effort. Organize a beach clean up or paint a school.  What if you did one volunteer project a year? Or joined a local community organization like the Rotary Club? Better yet you could enlist your family and do a family project that you took on every year, month or even week. Or you could organize to plant a community garden to feed the hungry in the community. Don’t all of these ideas make you feel alive and happy?

All you have to do is figure out what fills your heart up; how much time you have to share; and what your options are. What are you passionate about? Seniors, teens, animals, environment, human rights issues, music, art? The opportunities are endless. You can’t imagine the difference you will make in this beautiful world of ours.

I hope that I have stirred something within your heart to spark a desire for a change. By taking a leap of faith outside your comfort zone you will make a difference in someone’s life. Remember we are the warriors of the Happy Hearts conquering one happy heart at a time.

Homework: Get your thinking cap on, get out the door and make a difference. Your heart will thank you.